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Owitechs, Australia

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Servers are the core of Infrastructure Management as they are the keystone in exchanging information within and outside the organization. Almost everything is on the Server and hence requires a specific skill set to Install, Monitor, and Manage the server. With changing times, the application of Virtual machines cannot be ignored as it provides flexibility and the essential cost advantage to the company’s IT infrastructure expenses. “Pay as you use” is what the future holds in terms of Cloud Computing (Infrastructure as a Service- IAAS). A true futuristic must-have skill for the candidates who are interested in developing a career in “Infrastructure Management”  

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At an Entry Level, you will be responsible for Monitoring the Servers, Query Management, and keeping the Virtual Machines up and running. 

ILIP – Integrated Learning And Internship Program is a perfect mix of learning and its practical applications. These “employment oriented programs” are designed in such a way that it enables you to learn and experiment simultaneously, Gain work experience and guage your success & performance through periodic assessments . It helps you to save a great deal of time and brings you a step closer to be industry ready & getting a job.

  •  IT and Non-IT professionals who have an interest and want to develop a career in Infrastructure Management where no programming knowledge is required 
  • Final-year student, international student or recent graduate from university
  • Lifesciences, IT professional who wants to make the switch to data analytics
  • A motivated, aspiring career starter with a passion for data analytics in clinical & healthcare sector or any other sector
  • An immigrant who previously worked in data analytics

After completion of the program you will be an individual backed up by work experience, domain knowledge & technical skills which are must and are most in demand further making you industry ready and landing you to a job* matching you skillset

You are ready for few of the job profiles like 

  • Service Engineer 
  • Infrastructure Engineer 
  • Process Associate 
  • Technical Engineer / Associate and more 

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