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KITEL is a training initiative of KITE-Ai Technologies Pvt. Ltd. which is headquartered in the educational hub of India i.e. Pune. KITE-Ai Technologies is a logic and knowledge-based Information Technology solutions provider. The thought behind KITEL is that the experts from different fields and domains, having 20+ years of experience and expertise coming together and joining hands with the different academic veterans like HOD's, Deans and Principals from different renowned Colleges, Universities and Institutes across the world to develop a range of methodical solutions which are technically, logically and morally correct for our customers and at the same point of time they are also cost-effective to be customized as per their requirements. KITEL belongs to the academic bench of the company who believes that it is the responsibility of any employer to develop talent by educating, exposing, and most importantly making the talent experience through experimenting. At the same point of time, the learning and experience should be beyond geographical boundaries and that is how a true talent democracy is achieved i.e
"Talent is Talent, By Talent and for the Talent"


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