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Certificate in Statistical Programming

Program Code : CSIP

Discover exciting career opportunities with tailored statistical analysis program CSIP, Elevate your analytical skills and transform your career as successful Statistical Programmer Etc.

Classroom Offline | Virtual Instructor-Led Classroom (Live online)


3.5 Months (Approximately)


100% Placement Assistance*

Fees : 60,000

Installment Facility Available

CSIP Program Curriculum

  • Clinical Programming I

    2 Months of rigorous programming training on the software technology widely used in the industry

  • Clinical Programming II

    1 Months of extended important programming training on the software technology widely used in the industry

  • Projects Series (Clinical Programming)

    2 Industry Oriented Project Exposure

  • R-Programming

    Master the core of data analysis in R, including data structures, data visualisation and statistical analysis with real data sets.

  • Project Series (R)

    2 Industry Oriented Projects on R

  • Interview Preparation

  • Mock Interviews

  • Professional Skills

  • Resume Writing

Statistical programming opens doors to a wide range of career opportunities. In today's data-driven world, organizations are constantly seeking professionals who can extract insights from data. Whether you're interested in data analysis, machine learning, or research, statistical programming skills are highly valued. These skills are particularly crucial in fields such as finance, healthcare, marketing, and technology, where data analysis plays a pivotal role in decision-making processes.
Proficiency in statistical programming can lead to higher-paying roles and increased job security. Data scientists, for example, are among the most sought-after professionals today, commanding lucrative salaries and enjoying a high level of job satisfaction. Similarly, roles in data analysis, research, and academia often require proficiency in statistical programming as a core competency.
  • Top Data Analytics/ Statistical Analysis Tools
  • Hands-on Project Exposure

Your exit profile will be 

  • Clinical Data Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Programmer
  • Clinical Programmer
  • Statistical Programmer
  • Clinical Statistical Programmer
  • Associate Programmer
  • Junior Programmer Etc.
  • Freshers and Working Professionals looking to build career in Clinical Trial Data Analytics
  • Graduates & Post-Graduates from any stream
  • Pharmacy, Life Sciences, Science, Biotechnology, Microbiology etc.
  • Statistics, Mathematics, Biostatistics
  • BCA/MCA, BE IT and CS
  • PharmD, MBBS, BAMS, BHMS
  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree
  • No Coding Knowledge Required

Cutting-edge content delivered by top-tier instructors and industry professionals

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Key Highlights of CSIP

  • Learn Top Industry Tools

    In-depth training on modules including most prioritized industry standards

  • Student Learning Library Access, 24*7.

    Organized access to learning materials to support your traineeship even when you are on the go

  • Hybrid Learning Option

    Organized access to learning materials to support your traineeship even when you are on the go

  • 100% Placement Assistance*

    Placement assistance will be provided

  • 4 Real Life Industry Oriented Projects

    4 Industry projects help you gain industry exposure and right skills to match job expectations

  • Get Project Completion Letter

    Work on simulated projects to gain hands-on real life project deadlines, hurdles and submissions to gain practical exposure and completion letter

  • Essential Interview Skills Readiness

    Exclusive Interview Readiness session for interview techniques along with Resume writing

  • Industry Professionals as Mentor

    Our mentors are the working professionals having an average work experience of 10+ Years

*Terms & Conditions Apply : Subjected to market conditions and individual’s selection and performance during the program and the interview
Most asked questions
I am beginner? can I enroll?

Certainly! Whether you’re a seeking an entry to the industry, a seasoned professional, or seeking to enhance your skills, you’re welcome to enroll. It’s essential to have a good understanding of basic computer concepts.

How CSIP will contribute in my career?

Learning statistical programming is highly beneficial from a career perspective. It opens up a world of opportunities, enhances your problem-solving skills, promotes collaboration and reproducibility, and can lead to career advancement and increased job security. Whether you’re just starting your career or looking to upskill, mastering statistical programming can significantly boost your professional prospects in today’s data-driven world.

Will I get certificate after program completion?

Certainly! Upon successful completion of the Training Program, you will receive a certificate and Project Completion Letter post successful submission of assigned duties and tasks

Familiarity with the basic computer functions and a good internet connectivity
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Training Options
Offline Classroom
Location : Pune
Blended Virtual Classroom
Live Instructor-led
Corporate Training
Customize your Teams Learning needs
Blended learning delivery model (self-paced eLearning and/or instructor-led options) Flexible pricing options 24x7 learner assistance and support
Understand Clinical Trial Data Analytics & Career Oportunities

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Alumni's Experience

Harshal Patil
Harshal PatilPlaced at Excelya
Read More
I am delighted with my decision to enroll at Kitel. Thank you for refining my skills and building a strong foundation while maintaining such high standards of excellence. I wholeheartedly recommend Kitel to anyone seeking a top-notch Clinical data programming career
Sakshi Yadav
Sakshi YadavPlaced at ICON
Read More
Kitel played a crucial role in shaping my career, they prepared me for clinical programming field, ensuring I was industry-ready and well-equipped for success. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for their unwavering support and guidance"
Aishwarya Pandit
Aishwarya PanditPlaced at Novo Nordisk
Read More
"KITEL training supported my placement at Novo Nordisk by offering me valuable real-time industry exposure. the training proved highly effective, thanks to its engaging interactive approach"
Kunal Avhale
Kunal AvhalePlaced at Eupraxia
Read More
"I got wonderful opportunity to join Eupraxia as Statistical programmer-I, and I firmly believe that my experiences at KITEL played a pivotal role in preparing me for this new chapter in my career"
Mayur Borwankar
Mayur BorwankarPlaced at Novartis
Read More
"Thanks KITEL for making me job ready, I had chance to work on live real-life clinical projects, which proved to be an incredible and enriching experience to get placed in Novartis as data analyst"
Laxman Bulbule
Laxman BulbulePlaced at Alcon
Read More
"This traineeship helped me with industry skills & Experience to handle complex data sets and programming tasks, KITEL helped me in landing my career as associate statistical programmer at Alcon"
Prerna Goyal
Prerna GoyalPlaced at Optum
Read More
"KITEL has been very deliberate about understanding my professional goals and working with me to achieve them, kitel Provided me the skills needed to be successful as data analyst"
Shraddha Rangole
Shraddha RangolePlaced at Sitec Labs
Read More
"Working on Internship Projects helped me to gain practical knowledge, I would like to thank KITEL tram and recommend KITEL Traineeship in Clinical Trial Data Analytics"
Shubham Navale
Shubham NavalePlaced in Sitec Labs
Read More
"I would like to Especially thank KITEL for providing me a career platform that helped me to grow my confidence and to secure my Placement in SITEC LABS."
Pradip Salke
Pradip SalkePlaced in Cognizant
Read More
Mayur Kotkar
Mayur KotkarPlaced in ICICI Bank
Read More
​"KiteL's training and explanation methodology is very structured and simplified; it helps to think logically, so that even a novice gains confidence."
Mayur Kotkar
Mayur KotkarPlaced in ICICI Bank
Read More
​"KiteL's training and explanation methodology is very structured and simplified; it helps to think logically, so that even a novice gains confidence."
Vivek Somwanshi
Vivek SomwanshiPlaced in Accenture
Read More
​"To join KITEL is one of the life changing decision of my life, KITEL is a right place to kick-off professional Career in Clinical Trial Data Analytics"
Shashikant Pawar
Shashikant PawarPlaced in Accenture
Read More
​"In order to work in good organization, we need a foundation. KITEL Provides that, I am placed with Accenture. Thanks KITEL for making me job-ready"
Rohit Walopkar
Rohit WalopkarPlaced in Novo Nordisk
Read More
"From software application to interview preparation, I got so much help from KITEL during the time of Placements"
Himanshu Sonar
Himanshu SonarPlaced in Quantafic
Read More
"From software application to interview preparation, I got so much help from KITEL during the time of Placements"
Swarangi Bagwe
Swarangi BagwePlaced in TCS
Read More
"KITEL has always believed in helping and guiding its students and it was no different during the placement season."
Swapnali Gajare
Swapnali GajarePlaced in Labcorp
Read More
​" It was the best decision I made after B.Pharma to be in Clinical Trail Data Analytics. Here I am placed with Labcorp. Thanks KITE-Ai for the opportunity "
Yash Koyal
Yash KoyalPlaced in SAAMA
Read More
​"Kite Ai helped me through the placement process and left no stones unturned that we get the best offers. I was placed in a very good job within 4 months"
Vedika Dahad
Vedika DahadPlaced in SAAMA
Read More
​"KITEL helped me pursue my passion in clinical programming. The hands on training was really beneficial"
Komal Chatar
Komal ChatarPlaced in SAAMA
Read More
​"Despite of 10 years gap in my career, Kite-AI helped regain my confidence and subsequently placed in a clinical data analytics job"
Mangesh Tupe
Mangesh TupePlaced in Eupraxia
Read More
​"I strongly recommend KITEL In order to reach your desired career goals in Clinical Data Analytics. "
Shraddha Diwate
Shraddha DiwatePlaced in TCS
Read More
“If you want to be an expert in Clinical Data Analytics, KITEL is a great platform to learn and explore”
Dipali Kosey
Dipali KoseyPlaced in Cytel
Read More
“Each session has been revelation offering new perspective”
Meghana Thakkar
Meghana ThakkarPlaced in Cytel
Read More
“1:1 online sessions & internship is a worthwhile experience”
Shrestha DasPlaced in Accenture
Read More
“Get your hands ready for the real world with personal mentor”
Omkar Jondhale
Omkar JondhalePlaced in Labcorp
Read More
“mentors were there to guide me through each & Every step”
Prajakta Kale
Prajakta KalePlaced in Labcorp
Read More
“It was informative & interactive at the same time”
Shubham Thakare
Shubham ThakarePlaced in TCS
Read More
“working on case studies and projects really helped”
Dhanraj Pawar
Dhanraj PawarPlaced in Cognizant
Read More
“Got to learn what exactly needed to work in the Clinical industry”
Sonali Patil
Sonali PatilPlaced in Labcorp
Read More
“Within 4 months of my training I got selected in Covance (Labcorp)”
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  • We will address to your career related questions
  • We will recommend the program as per your candidature
  • In-detail briefing of the program
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