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  • Course level: Intermediate


Features of this course

CDISC Training teaches programmers essential concepts about creating and validating SDTM (v 3.4 IG) and ADaM (v 1.2 IG) variables in key CDISC datasets (DM, AE, LB, ADSL, ADAE, and ADLB). Attendees learn how to create and process ISO8601 dates, hierarchy of adverse events variables and paired lab variables. Examples of both SDTM and ADaM dataset structures will be reviewed and compared. To help assure higher quality clinical data, a QC checklist will also be introduced.

Program Outline
  • CDISC overview
  • SDTM overview – Part I and Part II
  • ADaM introduction
  • SDTM & ADaM Assignments
  • CRF Annotation
  • SDTM- Mapping specs creation
  • SDTM- Dataset Development
  • SDTM- Dataset Validation
  • ADaM- Mapping specs creation
  • ADaM- Dataset Development
Who can take up this Program?

Candidates from the following background are welcome

  • Statistical Programmers
  • Life Sciences (M.Pharmacy, B.Pharmacy, M.Sc.)
  • Statistics (B.Sc., M.Sc.)
  • B.E / B.Tech (Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Computer Science)


Topics for this course

16 Lessons

CDISC Training

CDISC Training Session 101:14:00
CDISC Training Session 201:03:00
CDISC Training Session 301:15:00
CDISC Training Session 400:59:00
CDISC Training Session 501:14:00
CDISC Training Session 601:19:00
CDISC Training Session 701:09:00
CDISC Training Session 801:20:00
CDISC Training Session 901:07:00
CDISC Training Session 1001:03:00
CDISC Training Session 1101:08:00
CDISC Training Session 1201:13:00
CDISC Training Session 1301:05:00
CDISC Training Session 1401:09:00
CDISC Training Session 1500:37:00

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